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Imma Buckeye (bn) Tank


14.2h reg QH.  13yrs Bay gelding.  Foundation style quarter horse, Tank is as safe as they come. He is spur trained and has lots of buttons but he will try his best to figure out what his rider is asking.  He is well versed in western dressage.   He has a finished walk/trot and his trot is extremely smooth. Tank can side pass, move off leg, turn on the fore and hind.  Tank has been used in our lesson program, therapy lessons, summer camp program and for our IEA program. He has been voted Horse of the Show many times! Tank is more of a whoa ride but if you get him in the show ring, he SHINES!  His quiet disposition and sweet personality lends him to be a wonderful addition to any lesson program.  Tank is still a pony and will occasionally test his rider if he is bored. We feel he will do best in a consistent program or with an advanced beginner/intermediate rider. 




13.2h reg Buckskin. Welsh cross.  7yrs light buckskin gelding. Cute as a Button!  Casper is as sweet as he is fancy, a looker in the show ring, and is always in the ribbons.  He has 3 lovely and easy gaits.  No maintenance, Barefoot. Lives off of little to no grain!! Can be on pasture turn out or stalled.  Awesome for farrier, vet and will load with no issues. Changes are there and on their way to becoming auto.  He has been used in our lesson and summer camp program as well as our IEA, NCJEL and therapy program.  Casper has been voted Horse of the Show.  He wins everyone's heart and is a barn favorite. We feel Casper would be a pony finals contender and would love to find him someone to take him there! 

$30k / Lease $10k yr



14.2h black qh  10yr gelding.  Sam is the sweetest guy who is curious but can be shy with new people at first.  We feel he will thrive with his own person as he bonds intensely.  Sam is more of a push ride with his own motor and has extremely comfortable gaits.  He does best with confident and balanced riders. Will not sell to a lesson program at this time.  Sam loves attention and will do tricks for treats!  Grab this guy at a steal before his price increases with training.   



Remember Me /Chip

Screenshot_20230523_215202_Gallery (3)_edited_edited.jpg

16.2h bay imported TB 9yr Gelding.  Chip is an athletic and brave guy.   He has been brought along slowly and he has proven to be a gentleman.  We see Chip exceling in eventing.  He has fancy big movements, works off of seat and legs and is bold to the fences.  Schooling 2'6" up to 3'.  Chip has a great work ethic and we would love to see him go to someone who wants a forever partner! Does great off farm. No vices although he does best with 24/7 turnout. Wears fronts. Priced for a quick sale!

$18,500 / Lease $5k yr

South Beach / Sobe


15.2h chestnut ottb 13y mare.  Sobe has an eventing background but can go in any direction.  Working best off seat, she is a big fancy mover and will do best with an intermediate and above rider. Sobe is barefoot but does best in front shoes when jumping consistently.  She is currently in 12/12 turn out but would do great 24/7.   Sobe is not the boss mare but is her solid #2. She loves people and has an good work ethic.  Sobe does have a cold high bow with no lameness.    Priced accordingly. 


Just Dew it / Dewey


16.2h Chestnut ottb; 15yr gelding.  Been there done that school master.  Dewey has done everything from eventing, beginner lessons, summer camp, and lazy trail riding.  He is a sweet soul with 3 lovely smooth and slow gaits.  He has his own motor so just a bit of leg and seat and he will maintain his stride.  Dewey LOVES to jump and will clear 3'6'' with room.  He has been doing the easy life as a school horse for the past 2 years but he still has tons of life in him.  He would make an excellent addition to any lesson program or that best friend for the kid who needs a step up.  Dewey is the same off farm as he is on farm.  He will go through water, over bridges, swim, and self loads.  This guy is the best! Dewey wears fronts - otherwise no maintenance.

$8k / Lease $3,500yr

Horses are constantly being added.  Check back often!

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