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Come join our barn family!  There truly is no better place to be!

The Leveling Curriculum is a program that tracks the progression of each students.  As students work through each semester, they will work to master specific skills in each of the levels.  To complete a level and Level-up, a student must able to consistently demonstrate the skills taught in the semester and perform them properly. These skills will then be "tested" in both a ridden and written Level-Up Evaluation. In many cases, achievement of one level is a prerequisite for learning more advanced skills such as jumping. The Levels are divided into two parts to reflect the main areas of study within our riding school:  The Riding Lessons concentrates on the rider’s ability in the saddle, culminating in a rider who is balanced, educated and confident and can ride a schooled horse with skill and tact on the flat, over fences and in the open. The Theory Lessons (HorseSense and HorseCentered) focus on the extensive body of knowledge needed to care for and work with horses successfully, testing students on horse handling, veterinary and stable management skills as well as introducing training and groundwork skills. These lessons allow students to apply training techniques in a wide variety of situations while increasing communication and connection with the horse. If you are not already a participant in the Levels Program and you are interested becoming a part of our program, please email us!



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