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Group Lessons 

Each group lessons is focused on riders with similar skillsets.  Working toward the proficiency of horsemanship - grooming, tacking and being comfortable around the horse, it also encourages problem solving while developing personal responsibility toward independent thinking. 1 - 2 months.


Cost:  $300/mo

                                                                                    *When Avail

30 minute Private

Available for the more advanced student who is looking to fine-tune their skills in a particular area of emphasis (ie jumping) for a limited period of time.


Cost:  $340/mo                                                                                        *As Need/Avail


Sox and Sam*

 Individuals learn best when we can relate. Sox and Sam is a hands-on relationship program blended with both physical and cognitive horse-based activities.  While the physical activity of riding improves strength, balance and coordination, working with horses also increases cognitive skills, reduces stress, and eases symptoms of depression for many individuals. Equine relationships have even been shown to have a positive effect on destructive relationship patterns or behaviors that have developed that compromise health or safety.  *Calvert Equestrian, LLC., or Little Cove Farm, Inc., is not a Equine Therapeutic Facility. The owner has over 34 years of experience teaching children, including children with special needs, physical limitations, as well as over 48 years experience with horses. 

1+ hour

Cost:  $360/mo

Lessons are not contracted under any one particular instructor.  

Come join our barn family!  There truly is no better place to be!

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