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Full Care Board

The main barn is equipped with a computer controlled insect and fly controlled system.  Each of the roomy 14 matted stalls are 12x12 in size. There are 2 hot/cold wash stalls, 4 small 

paddocks are available for quarantine and private turn out and there are 6 larger fields for small herd turnout.

We only give the highest quality of care and will meet all of your equine's nutritional needs with quality grain and hay rationed proportionately to maintain a healthy weight as well as a healthy gut.  High quality hay is fed at a minimum of 1.5 - 2% of your equine's body weight and fresh clean water is always available.  Stalls are cleaned daily with sawdust refreshed and generously bedded. 

In the Summer months, the horses are in during the hot days with their own personal fan in each stall. A slow feeder hay net is always kept full during the day. They are generously fly sprayed in the late afternoon before they are let out for the night.  We do try to allow as much turn out as possible when the weather permits. 

Winter months allow the horses to be out during the day time hours and in during the cold nights.  We blanket depending upon each horses needs. The horses get a minimum of 4 - 6 flakes of hay during the night.  I am a firm believer that hay should always available. Horses get as much turn-out as possible. 


Come join our barn family!  There truly is no better place to be!

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