45 minute Private 

45 minutes of individual instruction per week (4 x per month total) for beginner /intermediate /advanced students, who are striving to gain confidence, improve their balance, work on a certain skill, or need extra help to independently tack.  This instructional approach involves a gradual and measured increase in independence beginning with lunge line training and advancing to independent horsemanship.  *This lesson is typically geared toward students who need more ground time, learning and mastering the horsemanship aspects of grooming and tacking to be proficient. 


30 minute Private

Available for the more advanced student who is looking for a tune up, focusing on a particular area of emphasis.  

Sox and Sam*

This is a very individualized special needs program for our Whether you are looking for a physical outlet, mental stimulation, help with communication, direction or speech, please contact us for more information. *Calvert Equestrian, LLC., or Little Cove Farm, Inc., is not a Equine Therapeutic Facility. The owner has over 30 years of experience teaching children, including children with special needs, physical limitations, as well as 48 years of horse experience. 

Small Group

2 to 4 riders grouped according to their riding ability. 50 - 60 min of instruction per week, 4 x per month, provided to students who are able to independently and properly tack up, as well as safely and properly guide at a walk and trot off lunge. 

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