45-60 minute Private* 

45-60 minutes of individual instruction of horsemanship per week (4 x per month total) for beginning students. Working toward the proficiency of horsemanship - grooming, tacking and being comfortable around the horse, it also encourages problem solving while developing personal responsibility toward independent thinking. 1 - 2 months.


Cost:  $260/mo

Eval:  $75/                                                                  *When Avail

30 minute Private

Available for the more advanced student who is looking to fine-tune their skills in a particular area of emphasis for a limited period of time.


Cost:  $55                                                                                                       As Need/Avail

Sox and Sam*

This is a very individualized special needs program for our Whether you are looking for a physical outlet, mental stimulation, help with communication, direction or speech, please contact us for more information. *Calvert Equestrian, LLC., or Little Cove Farm, Inc., is not a Equine Therapeutic Facility. The owner has over 30 years of experience teaching children, including children with special needs, physical limitations, as well as 48 years of horse experience. 


Small Group

2 to 4 riders grouped according to their riding ability. 50 - 60 min of instruction per week, 4 x per month, provided to students who are able to independently and properly tack up, as well as safely and properly guide at a walk and trot off lunge. 

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