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 Man's Best Friend.  At least Chip thinks he is - or should be.  When this massive specimen of a OTTB is not thinking under saddle, he is figuring out how to get the treats from the inside pocket of your zipped up jacket. SCORE! 

This loveable gelding has all the charm and stunning good looks.  He should have been named Fabio but he is MUCH better looking.  Just ask him!  Although he is playful, he is also respectful. He is a big guy but he doesn't know it.  

Chip is extraordinary off property. He has successfully fox hunted and trail riding him is a blast.  He blazes through anything without hesitation.


In the arena, his gaits are big, floaty and easy to control the speed and rhythm with seat.  Chip is a very sensitive ride.  He will soar with his own rider.

Chip has a solid walk, trot and Canter with a nice flying change. Solid dressage movements and ready for his rider to take him in any direction they choose.  He is very green to jumping so his price reflects this.  

Video Coming Soon!


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Come join our barn family!  There truly is no better place to be!

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